Your situation is unique. Your plan to go electric should be, too.

Interested in upgrading your home to all-electric appliances and vehicles? Generate a personalized electrification plan based on your particular home, lifestyle, and priorities — all in just a few minutes.

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Project recommendations tailored specifically to your home

Enter a bit of info about your home and household and get custom recommendations for which electric projects to tackle and when. Ready? Go!

The numbers you need to figure out what pencils out

Our data modeling provides you an accurate range of cost, energy savings, and emissions reductions estimates for each project. Rest easy knowing the real impact each upgrade will have on your goals.

Understand your costs, maximize your savings

Our planning tool serves up all the federal project discounts you’ll qualify for, allowing you to know the true cost of your projects before you begin.

Going electric can be tricky. Our guides make it easier.

Knowing what it takes to finish projects is as important as the financials. That's why we've created step-by-step guides for every electric project.

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You could do this all alone, but we don’t recommend it. Sit tight, we’re working on a tool to connect you with qualified contractors in your area.

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