The “Bye, gas. Buy electric!” gift guide

18 gift ideas that are cheaper to run, healthier to use, and better for the climate

Prediction: 2024 is going to be the year you and the people you love go electric. Sure, you already plug in your phone, your fancy coffee maker, and those “Christmas with the Kranks” lights. But getting all of your machines off fossil fuels is the real prize. Going 100% electric in your home can save you money, help fight the climate crisis, protect your family, make the neighbors jealous, improve your quality of life, and give you that inner sense of purpose you’ve been yearning for.

The biggest-ticket items will make the biggest difference: heat pumps, those energy-efficient heating-and-cooling powerhouses that keep your home comfy no matter the weather; heat pump water heaters, which can reduce your emissions 85% compared to conventional water heaters; and, of course, electric cars, electric SUVs, and electric trucks.

Those machines won’t exactly work as stocking stuffers (we’ve tried, and have the shredded stockings to prove it!). So here’s a holiday season’s full of other options for super-cool, all-electric items for everyone on your list.

Electrify your kitchen

Cook cleaner, faster, and better with electricity.

Emissions reduction potential: Medium
Getting closer to eliminating methane gas from your kitchen: Meaningful

Portable induction burner. Want to ditch gas but can’t get a new stove right now? Buy a powerful, all-electric induction burner that's perfect for homeowners and renters alike.

Induction-ready cookware. Induction cooking uses magnetic energy to generate heat, so your pots and pans have to be up to the task. Pro tip: If a magnet sticks to them, you’re good to go!

Electric kettle. If a cup of tea is a daily habit, why not curl up with a beverage warmed by electricity? Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath of that fragrant steam (and your cleaner, healthier air).

Air fryer. Here’s another quick, convenient, all-electric way to bypass cooking with gas. Plus, your leftover french fries will crisp up perfectly every time.

Toaster oven. Cook and reheat in record time with these countertop staples.

Electrify your yard

Home Depot is making a major shift to all-electric lawn care equipment because it’s quieter, cleaner, and avoids more emissions than upgrading to an EV. These gifts are perfect for the weed whacker or leaf blower in your life.

Emissions reduction potential: Major
Doing outdoor work in a way that protects the outdoors: Meaningful

Electric lawn mower. Cut grass and your carbon emissions with a clean, quiet, all-electric lawn mower. 

Electric chainsaw. Make quick work of landscape maintenance with a battery-powered chainsaw.

Electric snowblower. Clean up your sidewalk or driveway with the cleanest, quietest option around.

Electric leaf blower. Clean up leaves, grass clippings, and other debris in a jiffy.

Electrify your ride

Electric vehicles are so much more than cars and trucks! Try taking any of these two- or four-wheel options for a spin.

Emissions reduction potential: Major
Learning that you need a car much less than you thought you did: Meaningful

Electric bike. Did you know almost 60 percent of trips in the U.S. are less than six miles? Instead of cranking up the car, try an e-bike! It’s a green, clean, and very speedy way to get around. 

Electric scooter.  E-bike not quite your speed? Glide to your destination in style on an electric scooter.

Electric skateboard. Take your commute to the extreme and cruise in on an electric skateboard.

Giant gift wrap bow. In case you DO end up dropping five-to-six figures on a four-wheeled present for somebody this holiday season, top it off in style to make the dramatic reveal even more festive.

Electrify your BBQ

Whether they're an omnivore or a vegan, if your loved one has outdoor space, you know they want to grill out when the weather warms up. Spare them the dangers of lighting a gas grill (and the climate anxiety) by electrifying the cookout.

Emissions reduction potential: Medium
Having a brand new reason to brag about your grilling setup: Meaningful

Electric grill. Crispy edges. Mouthwatering steam. Perfect sear marks. An electric grill can do it all — no flames required. 

Electric smoker. All flavor, no fumes. Electric smokers can handle your BBQ faves perfectly — without the cost, hassle, and pollution of propane.

Electrify your hangout

Bedroom, family room, rec room, wherever — make your favorite space cozier with these electric essentials.

Emissions reductions potential: Medium to major
Cozy comfort that doesn't come from burning fossil fuels in your home: Meaningful

Electric blanket and mattress pad. Want to phase out your gas furnace, fireplace, or gas heating stove? An electric blanket and mattress pad will keep you toasty warm — and cost just pennies a night. 

Fan. Enjoy the easiest, breeziest way to keep cool without firing up a gas-powered AC.

Portable heat pump. Can’t replace your HVAC system right now? Need to make your garage, shed, or basement cozier? This portable electric AC/heater is exactly what you need.

The dream — for your comfort, health, cost savings, and the climate — is all-electric living. But every little step you help someone take towards that dream is a step in the right direction.

Happy gift-giving season, from all of us here at Rewiring America. Please share this gift guide (and your holiday cheer) far and wide this year!

I commit to taking the next step on my electrification journey

There are so many meaningful actions to choose from. Buying an electric gift for a family member? Getting an energy audit? Ordering an induction hot plate? Installing a heat pump water heater?

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