Make sure you get the (tax) credit you deserve!

If you made an electric upgrade in 2023 — a heat pump, an EV, rooftop solar, weatherization, or any other qualifying project — don’t miss out on any tax credits you might qualify for. (If you've already filed, you can still amend.)

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide specific tax guidance. For questions regarding your individual tax situation, we suggest consulting with your tax advisor.

What projects did you complete in 2023?

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Tax Credits


New EV

Up to $7,500

Used EV

Up to $4,000

EV Charger

Up to $1,000


Home energy audit

Up to $150

Heat pump air conditioner / heater

Up to $2,000

Geothermal heating installation

30% of qualifying costs

Heat pump water heater

Up to $2,000

Weatherization / insulation

Up to $1,200


Rooftop solar installation

30% of qualifying costs

Battery storage installation

30% of qualifying costs

Electrical panel

Up to $600

In addition to tax credits, tax rebates for electric upgrades are rolling out over 2024 and 2025 on a state-by-state basis. Learn more about the electrification rebates and efficiency rebates.

Want to save money next year with tax credits?

If you didn’t get a heat pump or a new electric panel (or any other qualifying upgrade) in 2023, don’t worry! You can still complete projects and save money for next year’s tax season. Check out the calculator below to see what you might qualify for.

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